Alerting by WhatsApp

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The easiest way to send WhatsApp alerts to your team.

Send WhatsApp message alerts to your team directly from the D4H platform. D4H's WhatsApp Alerts enable you to leverage a popular and familiar messaging platform to deliver critical updates and daily communications, ensuring easy coordination with your response team.

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Tech Specs

  • Seamless integration with the official WhatsApp API.
  • Alerts are sent instantly over WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp message content is fully customizable.
  • Track message delivery status in the alert audit trail.
  • Select specific groups, on-call personnel, or individual recipients.
  • Alerts are accessible on any device with WhatsApp installed.
  • Seamlessly send WhatsApp alerts from within D4H.

Included With



Easily alert your team during emergency events or with everyday informational broadcasts. Send multi-channel group notifications, use customizable priority levels to trigger critical alerts, and quickly gather two-way responses from your personnel in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a WhatsApp Business account?

No, D4H delivers the full service on your behalf.

Can recipients reply directly to WhatsApp alerts?

Recipients can tap to respond via predefined responses which are customizable by you.

How quickly are WhatsApp alerts delivered?

WhatsApp alerts are sent out instantly.

Can I customize the content of the WhatsApp alerts?

Yes, you can fully customize the content of the WhatsApp alerts.

Is it possible to target specific groups or individuals with WhatsApp alerts?

Yes, you can easily target predefined D4H groups, on-call personnel or individual recipients. All WhatsApp messages will be delivered directly by D4H to the recipient.

Is it possible to target groups made in WhatsApp?

No. WhatsApp only allows direct delivery by D4H to the recipient, but we can send to your groups created in D4H.

Are the WhatsApp alerts accessible on all devices with WhatsApp?

Yes, the alerts can be accessed on any device that supports WhatsApp.

What countries are D4H’s WhatsApp alerts available in?

Please contact our sales team for information.

Are there additional costs for WhatsApp alerts?

Alerts are billed using a credit system depending on the recipient's geography. Your Alerting plan will include a sufficient number of credits for each user.

Is there a limit on the number of WhatsApp alerts I can send?

You are only limited by the number of credits available in your account.