Group Targeting

The easiest way to alert the relevant people from your team.

Easily select recipients individually or by predefined groups, including dynamic filters such as on-call personnel from Team Manager. Ensure only the relevant personnel receive critical alerts, optimizing response and minimizing disruption.

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Easily alert your team during emergency events or with everyday informational broadcasts. Send multi-channel group notifications, use customizable priority levels to trigger critical alerts, and quickly gather two-way responses from your personnel in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I target specific groups or individuals with my alerts?

Yes, you can easily target predefined groups or select individual recipients for each alert.

Can I tailor alerts based on their urgency?

Absolutely. You can customize the content and delivery channels of alerts based on their urgency.

Can I combine multiple targeting criteria?

Yes, you can use multiple criteria to narrow down your recipient list.

Can I track the delivery status of targeted alerts?

Yes, our system provides detailed tracking, allowing you to see who receives and responds to the alerts.

How does alert targeting improve incident response?

Targeting incident alerts reduces alert fatigue, ensures critical information reaches the right people quickly, and minimizes delays caused by irrelevant notifications.