On-Call Alerting

The easiest way to target incident alerts to on-call personnel only.

Send incident notifications exclusively to on-call personnel. Reduce alert fatigue and ensure critical alerts reach those who need to take action.

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Easily alert your team during emergency events or with everyday informational broadcasts. Send multi-channel group notifications, use customizable priority levels to trigger critical alerts, and quickly gather two-way responses from your personnel in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the on-call alerts feature work?

The on-call alerts feature targets alerts exclusively to personnel who are currently on-call, using your predefined on-call schedules from D4H Team Manager.

Can I send alerts to both on-call and off-call personnel?

Yes, you have the flexibility to include additional recipients as needed.

What delivery methods can I use for on-call alerts?

You can choose from a variety of alert delivery channels including email, SMS, voice call, WhatsApp, or combinations based on predefined alert urgency levels.

Can I customize the messages for on-call alerts?

Yes, you can fully customize the content of the messages to suit the urgency and specifics of the alert.

Can I track the delivery status and responses of on-call alerts?

Yes, the alert audit trail provides detailed tracking, allowing you to see alert delivery status and a poll of responses.