What Does BZ Mean?

Bravo Zulu when conveyed by flaghoist, morse code, or voice comms at the end of a mission means Well Done. It was introduced between allied forces in World War II.

This blog is a BZ to you.





Best Maritime & Ports software (2024)

Maritime and Port Authorities hold the responsibility of safeguarding vital trade routes, harbors, and coastal regions. When an emergency strikes, every second counts. D4H's incident management software ensures real-time collaboration, rapid response, and informed decision-making. Whether it's managing personnel and equipment, or coordinating response logistics, our software ensures that you are well-equipped to handle any crisis, from oil spills to port security incidents.

Software user reviews
“Our operational teams engage with D4H because their job is made easier with fast access to information; meanwhile management is getting all the information they need at the top.”
— Daniel Dolson, Director of Assets Management at Resolve Marine Group.
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“We’re looking forward to deploying D4H’s innovative solutions across our National Communications Centers and telling the world about how their team is saving lives in the South Pacific.”
— Callum Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, Coastguard New Zealand.
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