Organizational Charts

The easiest way to visualize your incident command structure.

Organizational Charts bring clarity to your emergency management team's structure. Create intuitive visual representations of roles, reporting lines, and team relationships, ensuring everyone understands the chain of command and their place within the response effort. Our visual builder allows you to easily drag and customize your organization chart, ensuring a clear unity of command. As you assign roles and personnel, the organization chart updates in real-time, providing an accurate and dynamic representation of your team's structure.

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Tech Specs

  • Customizable Role Labels: Tailor role names to match your organization's terminology and preferences.
  • Visual Builder: Easily create and customize your organizational chart with a user-friendly visual builder.
  • Real-Time Updates: See your organization chart update instantly as you assign and reassign roles to personnel.
  • Role Assignment: Link roles to positions on the chart, providing clear visibility of command structure.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Adjust and rearrange roles and positions as needed to reflect changes in your team.
  • Intuitive Interface: Simple drag-and-drop functionality for easy chart creation and modification.
  • Enhanced Coordination: Improve team coordination and communication with a clear visual representation of roles and hierarchy.
  • Shareable and Printable:  Easily export your org chart as an image or PDF for sharing or printing.
  • Improved Communication:  Ensure everyone knows their reporting lines and who to contact for guidance and information.

Included With


Incident Management

Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Organizational Charts feature in D4H?

The Organizational Charts feature allows you to create, customize, and manage a visual representation of your emergency/ crisis management team’s structure. It updates in real-time as you assign roles and personnel, providing a clear and dynamic view of your organization during incidents.

How does the Organizational Chart builder work?

It's simple! Use the drag-and-drop interface to add roles, assign personnel, arrange them hierarchically, and connect them with reporting lines.

How does the org chart update in real time?

As you assign roles to personnel within D4H, the org chart automatically reflects those changes, ensuring it always represents the current structure of your emergency/ crisis management team.

Can I have multiple org charts for different scenarios?

Yes, you can create multiple org charts in D4H, allowing you to have different structures for various incident types or operational contexts.

Can I share the org chart with people who don't have access to D4H?

Yes, you can easily export the org chart as an image or PDF and share it with anyone, even if they don't use D4H.

Can I customize the roles and positions on the organization chart?

Yes, you can customize roles and positions to match your organization’s specific needs. This includes adding new roles, editing existing ones, and rearranging the chart to reflect your team’s hierarchy and structure.

How do Organizational Charts enhance incident management?

By providing a clear and dynamic visual representation of your team’s structure, Organizational Charts improve coordination and communication. They ensure that every team member understands their role and responsibilities, leading to more efficient and effective incident management.