Online Incident Forms

The easiest way to ditch paper forms and improve collaboration.

Online Incident Forms uncomplicate how your organization captures, manages, and analyzes critical incident information. Replace cumbersome paper forms with intuitive digital templates that streamline data collection, enhance accuracy, and accelerate decision-making. Whether you need to document incident details, track resources, or collect any other critical information, Online Incident Forms provide a seamless and paperless solution. Easily accessible and editable, these forms ensure accurate data capture and streamline your incident management workflow.

Tech Specs

  • User-friendly incident forms with autofilling fields, drop-downs, and checklists reduce manual input errors and save valuable time.
  • Real-time collaboration with team members and stakeholders, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information.
  • Store all incident data in one secure location, eliminating the need to search through scattered paper documents.
  • Highly customizable to match your specific reporting requirements, incorporating text fields, numerical values, images, and signatures.
  • Complete forms on the go from any smartphone or tablet using our mobile app, ensuring timely data collection.
  • Capture data offline and sync seamlessly when connectivity is restored, ideal for environments with intermittent internet access.
  • Link forms to Tasks, Status Boards, and other D4H features for a holistic incident management solution.

Included With


Incident Management

Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Online Incident Forms?

Online Incident Forms are customizable, electronic forms used for collecting and managing data during incidents. They replace traditional paper forms, providing a more efficient and accurate way to gather information.

Can I use Online Incident Forms offline?

Online Incident Forms are primarily designed for online use, ensuring real-time data entry and submission. However, data can be collected offline and then synced once the device is back online.

How do Online Incident Forms improve incident management?

Online Incident Forms improve incident management by ensuring accurate and timely data capture, reducing paperwork, and streamlining data collection processes. They also provide real-time access to information, enabling faster and more informed decision-making and better resource allocation during incidents.

Can I migrate existing paper forms to D4H's online format?

Absolutely! D4H we can pre-load any ICS forms into your D4H account, or you can easily build custom forms from scratch using a highly intuitive interface.

Can I collect signatures on Online Incident Forms?

Yes, D4H's Online Incident Forms support electronic signatures, allowing you to capture signatures directly on digital forms and subsequently lock either the entire form or a specific section. This can be especially useful for ICS forms or other documents requiring formal approval.

Can I share Form information with people outside my D4H account?

Yes, our Share by Public Link feature allows you to make the real-time content of Status Boards, Task Boards, Forms accessible to those without credentials to your D4H account. The link generated is 'secret' in such that it is too complex to guess and cannot be found by browsing or searching the internet.