Alerting by Phone Call

The easiest way to instantly phone your entire team with an automated alert.

Deliver your alerts as automated phone calls with text-to-speech conversion. This feature allows you to send critical messages as voice calls to your team members' phones, ensuring that critical information is delivered clearly and promptly. This feature is perfect for urgent situations where text might be overlooked, guaranteeing that your message is heard loud and clear.

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Tech Specs

  • Automated voice delivery converts text messages to speech and delivers them via phone calls.
  • Recipients can respond to the alert directly through the phone call by pressing a corresponding number on their cellphone for each predefined response option.
  • Use Severity Levels to prioritize phone call alerts for critical situations and combine them with other delivery channels.
  • Phone call alerts instantly to all designated recipients.
  • Fully customize the text that will be converted to speech.
  • Track delivery confirmation of phone call alerts via the alert audit trail.
  • Automatic detection of whether phone call alerts were received by a human or a voicemail service. 
  • Select specific groups, on-call personnel, or individual recipients for each alert.
  • Fully integrated so you can seamlessly send voice call alerts from within D4H.

Included With



Easily alert your team during emergency events or with everyday informational broadcasts. Send multi-channel group notifications, use customizable priority levels to trigger critical alerts, and quickly gather two-way responses from your personnel in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own recorded voice message?

No, alerts are delivered using a text-to-speech engine.

Is there a limit to the length of the text-to-speech message?

Alerts are limited to 120 characters excluding response options.

How quickly are text-to-speech phone call alerts delivered?

These alerts are delivered instantly, ensuring swift communication and coordination with your team.

Can I customize the content of the voice call alerts?

Yes, you can fully customize the text message, which will be converted to speech for the voice call.

Can recipients respond to the alert directly through the phone call?

Yes, recipients can provide feedback by pressing a corresponding number on their cellphone for each predefined response option.

Can I track the delivery status of the voice call alerts?

Absolutely. The alert audit trail allows you to see if the calls have been successfully delivered, as well as whether they were delivered to a human or a voice messaging inbox.

Is it possible to target specific groups or individuals with voice call alerts?

Yes, you can easily target predefined groups, on-call personnel, or select individual recipients for voice call alerts.

Are the voice call alerts compatible with any phone?

Yes, the voice call alerts can be received on any phone, ensuring wide accessibility.

What countries are D4H’s phone call alerts available in?

Please contact our sales team to enquire.

Are there additional costs for voice call alerts?

Alerts are billed using a credit system depending on the recipient's geography. Your Alerting plan will include a sufficient number of credits for each user.

Is there a limit on the number of voice call alerts I can send?

You are only limited by the number of credits available in your account.

Do I need to manage any third-party accounts or integrations?

No, D4H delivers the full service on your behalf.