Emergency Preparedness Software

The easiest way to activate your emergency playbook in seconds.

D4H emergency preparedness features, also known as "Plays", allow you to pre-configure incident-specific boards, tasks, and forms. With a single click, activate your pre-defined plan, reduce the time spent on setup, and enable your organization to focus on response and resolution.

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  • Launch pre-defined emergency preparedness plans instantly.
  • Customize plays to match various incident scenarios, ensuring relevant tools and information are readily available.
  • Launch emergency preparedness plays with a single click, enabling rapid response to incidents.
  • Ensure standardized procedures are followed every time.
  • Seamlessly incorporate Task Boards, Status Boards, and other D4H modules into your pre-plans.
  • Highly customizable to align with your organization's unique workflows and emergency preparedness protocols.

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Incident Management

Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of incidents is D4H's emergency preparedness software suitable for?

Pre-Plans can be configured for any type of incident, from routine events like equipment failures to major emergencies like natural disasters or security breaches.

How do Pre-Plans enhance emergency preparedness and collaboration during an incident?

Incident Pre-Plans ensure that everyone knows their role, the tasks they need to complete, and the information they need to track.

Can I modify a Pre-Plan once it's activated?

Yes, D4H is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt your plans on the fly as the situation evolves. You can add or remove tasks, update status boards, and adjust forms as needed.

What is a Play in D4H?

A Play is a pre-planned incident type that you can configure in D4H. It includes predefined settings and modules such as Task Boards, Forms, and Status Boards, which are automatically included in your channel when you start the play.

How do pre-plans improve emergency preparedness and incident resolution times?

Pre-plans streamline the incident management process by automating the setup of essential tools and modules. This reduces the time spent on manual configuration, ensures a structured response, and allows your team to focus on managing and resolving the incident effectively.

Is there a limit to the number of plays I can create?

No, there is no limit to the number of plays you can create in D4H. You can set up as many plays as needed to cover different incident scenarios and ensure your team is always prepared.