Customizable Severity Levels

The easiest way to tailor alerts to match the urgency of the situation.

This feature allows you to define different alert types by severity level, ensuring that each message is delivered through the appropriate channels. Whether it's a routine update or a critical emergency, you can tailor the notification process to match the severity of the situation, improving response times and overall coordination.

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Tech Specs

  • User-Defined Severity Levels: Create custom labels (e.g., Critical, High, Medium, Low, Informational) to categorize your alerts.
  • Delivery Channel Mapping: Assign different delivery methods to each severity level (e.g., Critical sends SMS + voice call, Informational sends email).
  • Visual Indicators: Use color-coding to visually distinguish severity levels in alert logs.
  • Response Tracking: Monitor who receives alerts and poll responses in the alert audit trail.

Included With



Easily alert your team during emergency events or with everyday informational broadcasts. Send multi-channel group notifications, use customizable priority levels to trigger critical alerts, and quickly gather two-way responses from your personnel in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do custom severity levels improve response time?

Prioritizing alerts helps ensure critical incidents aren't overlooked and enables targeted, multi-channel notification for rapid response.

How many severity levels can I create?

You can create as many severity levels as you need to match your organization's workflows.

How do customizable severity levels work?

Customizable severity levels allow you to define different levels of urgency for your alerts and automatically assign appropriate delivery channels.

Can I track the delivery status and responses from alerts based on severity levels?

Yes, our system provides detailed tracking, allowing you to see who receives and responds to the alerts.