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Easily create a common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.


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"I love that we can create status boards on the fly. In some emergencies, we have created our own brand new status boards to track information specific to that incident. Until COVID-19, we never thought that we’d have to track PPE. That was something that we were able to easily build out in the software. Anyone can go in and update their information and that’s been huge. In the past, it was all telephone calls and faxing in information.”
— Dale Rowley, Director, Waldo County Emergency Management Agency.
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“Prior to implementing D4H, we were utilizing a combination of MS Word and PDF documents to publish Incident Action Plans. Our resource status tracking system consisted of a large whiteboard with tags displaying unit identifiers.”
— Captain Michael Henry, Medical Officer/ EMS Captain, Horry County Fire Rescue.
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“As a software solution, D4H was flexible enough that we could easily implement the platform without the need for any changes in our procedures and processes”
— Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7
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"We were able to do damage assessments in record time. We did about 500 damage assessments in one day, which had never been done before. One of the quotes from the Fire Commissioner’s Office was that we did in three days what would normally take a month to do."
– Eric Grootendorst, Captain of Operations, Canada Task Force 1
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“D4H Incident Management provides an instant common operating picture throughout our county. Each jurisdiction has access and can add information for each of their towns as it happens.”
— Casey Stevens, Director, Lincoln County EMA.
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“We absolutely love D4H. All ten councils in the Canterbury region are now using D4H along with a number of councils in the North Island.”
— Brennan Wiremu, Emergency Management Advisor, Waimakariri District Council.
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"D4H is like a dream for an Emergency Manager. I don’t know how we’d operate without it."
— Casey Stevens, Director, Lincoln County EMA
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"D4H has excellent support. Whenever we have needed help, they have been there for us."
— Vernon N on G2.com

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