Our vision is a world where the unnecessary harm caused by emergencies is eliminated

We believe in building insanely great software that offers thick, real, meaningful value to those at the forefront of emergency and crisis management. That's why our purpose is to create groundbreaking technologies that help reduce the loss and suffering caused by emergencies to people, the environment, assets, and reputation – wherever humans go.


There is a drastic escalation in the number of incidents you face.

Our increasingly interconnected world has led to a drastic escalation in the number and range of natural, political, and technological hazards. This also means there's an ever-increasing number of disasters that cause human, environmental, financial, and socioeconomic impacts; sometimes on an international scale.


That's why we created our cloud platform for crisis management.

D4H helps businesses, organizations, and public safety agencies plan for, respond to, and recover from incidents without unnecessary bottlenecks and complexity. We understand that simplicity and adaptability are key in emergency management, so D4H ensures that the focus stays on the task at hand, not on grappling with complex technology.

D4H Is Climate Positive

D4H offsets all emissions from our personal and professional lives.

We plant a minimum of 12 trees per employee every month and fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Our climate projects include renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.


CO2e offset through climate solutions to cover our entire carbon footprint plus some more.


trees planted by us in real forests to aid reforestation of the natural climate.

Gold Standard Cert, Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Community & Biodiversity Standards
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strength in numbers...


responders use D4H across many hundreds of organizations.


countries on 6 continents are using D4H for emergencies.


hours tracked across incident & exercise attendance.


satisfaction as rated by our own users on G2.com

Trusted by 100,000+ emergency managers, businesses, and responders - wherever humans go.

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Photo of the Baily Lighthouse

Our headquarters has been saving lives for over 200 years.

Our headquarters occupies a former lightkeeper training college in Ireland. Located in a lighthouse with a 134ft high tower, the views across Dublin Bay are incredible. Its rotating beam of light has been saving lives on the busiest coast-line in Ireland since 1814, and now we’re giving it a chance to do the same in the digital age.


Our Locations

USA Flag

United States

D4H Technologies USA Inc.
2810 N Church St PMB 22418,
DE, 19802-4447,
United States.

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D4H Technologies Ltd.
The Baily Lighthouse,
Dublin, D13 K7K8,


Contact Details


Sales Team

Help Desk

Finance & Billing


United States
(617) 488-9307‬

United Kingdom
+441548 800 999

+1 (617) 488-9307

Photo of Robin Blandford

Hi there, I'm Robin.

I founded D4H in 2008 based on my own experience in the Coast Guard. It all began with a straightforward question, “how can today’s data improve tomorrow’s performance?”

As our Chief Crewm4te, I lead a phenomenal crew of computer scientists, creatives, business, and product experts who all deliver your service.

D4H has now injected global visibility into tens of thousands of operations run by our incredible customers on every continent in the world.


Careers at D4H

Work with us

We are a globally distributed team of specialists, mastering our own skills with autonomy as we work together across many countries and time zones.

We work towards the adoption of our technologies to reduce the loss and suffering caused by emergencies; to people, the environment, assets, and reputation.

We offer an incredibly dynamic and different experience.

How to apply

When we identify a position we need to add, we usually hire people we’ve already built a relationship with. If you’d like to be considered in the future, please email careers@d4h.com to introduce yourself directly to Robin.

Make sure to outline your background, the type of role you’d be interested in, and why you're the best person for it.


We are currently interested in talking to people for the following positions:

Product Team

Commercial Team

Customer Experience Specialist
Future Opening

What can you expect from our crewm4te culture?

D4H is a distributed workforce, meaning we empower our staff with the tools and processes to operate securely and at full capability from any work location in any timezone.

This allows us to give extraordinary service to our customers globally, wherever humans go. We operate asynchronously as a team across 17hrs of time zones, allowing us to ‘follow the sun’.

Our core values at D4H



At D4H, simplicity drives innovation. Our software is designed to streamline complex processes, making emergency management more efficient and effective. This ethos of being as uncomplicated as possible extends beyond our products to every interaction we have. Our approach is to get to the point quickly, using everyday language that everyone can understand. Whether it's through clear and concise communication from our sales team, straightforward assistance from our support team, or the intuitive design of our software, we strive to make every touchpoint with D4H feel effortless.

Consistency is key to our uncomplicated approach, ensuring that every interaction with D4H is as straightforward and reliable as our technology.



At D4H, confidence is at the heart of everything we do. Our confidence is built on a solid foundation of proven success and real value delivered to our customers. With a 90% satisfaction score and ranking as the #1 solution for emergency management out of 44 competitors, our track record speaks for itself. Our products aren't just good; they're insanely great. 

This confidence fuels us to make bold statements, follow through on our promises, and continuously seek feedback to improve. It's not about arrogance; it's about knowing our strengths and having the evidence to back it up.



Being considerate is not just a practice at D4H; it's a principle that guides our every interaction. We recognize that our users are experts in emergency management, not in IT. Their focus is on saving lives and managing crises, not navigating complex software. That's why we design our software to be powerful yet simple, ensuring it enhances, not hinders, the critical work of our users.

We’re exceptionally nice and we listen more than we speak, always valuing our customers' time and perspectives. Every communication places our customers at the center, respecting their challenges and prioritizing their needs. We’re guided by respect, empathy, and a genuine interest in our customers and their pain points.