Personnel Profiles

Your centralized database for response team personnel

Store all of your response team's personnel information within one cloud-based system. Capture your member's contact details, position, and current status on their profile, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Personnel profiles will also display each member's training levels, qualifications held, experience, upcoming attendance, and past attendance records, giving you a comprehensive view of each team member's skills and capabilities. Use custom text and drop-down fields to capture the exact information you need about each member of your response team.

Tech Specs


  • Identify patterns and trends in their attendance
  • See which roles they undertake most often
  • Compare members on an attendance leaderboard
  • See how many hours they've contributed
  • Set member costs per hour or per activity
  • Record member emergency contacts in an easily accessible location
  • Set specific fields as editable by the member themselves
  • See if the member is on-call now

Download & Print

Spreadsheet download of all member data

Spreadsheet of past and present member data

PDF of individual members profiles

PDF phone list

PDF of member emergency contacts

PDF pocket sized phone list

PDF qualification card for mutual aid

PDF extended qualification card

File Uploads

Self-service spreadsheet data import


Included With


Personnel & Training

A highly proactive system designed to allow organizations to easily manage the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, attendance, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do personnel profiles help with response team management?

With all of your team’s personnel information in one centralized location, you can easily manage and access important information when you need it and reduce the risk of misplacing or losing member information.

How can I access personnel profiles?

You can access member profiles from the D4H Personnel & Training mobile app or web app.

How do personnel profiles improve response team resource management?

Personnel profiles ensure better resource management as you can quickly assess team capabilities and allocate resources accordingly, reducing ineffiencies and improving overall effectiveness.

How can I add a photo to member profiles?

It’s easy to add a profile photo to each member. Here’s how.