Event Planner

Easily coordinate response team meetings and events

Efficiently manage and organize your response team's pre-planned events with an easy-to-use system. Log activities such as meetings, maintenance, public events, and any other activities on your response team calendar, request personnel to attend and keep track of attendance responses in real-time. When an event is over, you can compile comprehensive reports and easily share them with your team or stakeholders.


Included With


Personnel & Training

A highly proactive system designed to allow organizations to easily manage the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, attendance, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request specific team members to attend an event?

Yes, you can request specific team members and groups to attend an activity by selecting them from a list and sending them a notification to attend.

Can team members update their attendance status in real-time?

Yes, team members can update their attendance status in real-time by responding to the notification they receive. The system will automatically update the attendance list to reflect their response.

Can I generate reports after an event is over?

Yes, you can generate comprehensive reports after an event is over. The report will include details such as attendance, activity duration, and any notes or comments made during the event.