Role Records

Unlock the power of data-driven team management with role records

Keep track of your response team like never before by categorizing attendance periods into specific roles and responsibilities undertaken by your personnel during activities. With role records, you can easily generate year-end reports that provide in-depth insights into the frequency and currency of each member's performance in each role.

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Access game-changing data to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions, and evidence the true value of your organization.


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A highly proactive system designed to allow organizations to easily manage the administration of personnel, qualifications, training, attendance, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are role records?

Role records is a software feature that allows you to categorize attendance periods at activities into specific roles undertaken by personnel, track those roles and responsibilities, and produce year-end reports on frequency and currency for each member of personnel in each role.

How does role tracking help me manage my response team?

Role records provide you with real-time insights into your response team’s experience with specific roles and responsibilities. This enables you to optimize your team’s performance and ensure that everyone is gaining experience and fulfilling their assigned duties.

Can I customize the roles tracked?

Yes, you can customize the roles tracked to match your response team’s specific needs and requirements.

How do I generate year-end role records reports?

Generating year-end reports of role records is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is select the time period you want to analyze, choose the roles and responsibilities you want to include in the report, and generate the report.

Is response team role tracking easy?

Yes, role records are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. You can quickly and easily add or modify roles, track attendance periods, and generate reports with just a few clicks.

Can my response team members have default roles?

Yes. If you assign a default role to a member’s profile, that role will be the default selected when attending an activity.

Can I track costing for specific role?

Yes it’s easy to set up role costing and track it in our cost recovery tool.