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How Subsea 7 Uses D4H to Manage and Support Onshore and Offshore Emergencies

For Subsea 7, flexibility and adaptability are key in an emergency response software solution like D4H.

Customer Background

Subsea 7 is a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the evolving energy industry. With over 11,000 personnel across 33 countries in the oil and gas and renewable energy markets, they have a strong track record for the safe and reliable delivery of their services. Subsea 7 is committed to having an incident-free workplace, providing, as a priority, a safe environment to those involved in or affected by their activities.

For Subsea 7, emergency response management could mean any number of scenarios; from accidents, spills and fires to cyber-attacks on their systems. If any incident occurs during Subsea 7 operations or involving its assets, offices or people, Subsea 7 needs to effectively manage that incident.

“From a system point of view, D4H has built upon and enhanced our emergency response preparedness and management. It has really stepped up how we can manage and support emergencies both onshore and offshore”
— Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7

Subsea 1 compressor

Challenges and Needs

Subsea 7 has a large global workforce. They are involved in various undertakings such as diving and pipe-laying and working not only on Subsea 7’s own vessels but also client rigs, platforms and pipe productions both onshore and offshore. With a fleet of 30+ vessels located across the globe, when an incident occurs, Subsea 7 can have important information coming from numerous locations that must be stored, tracked and analyzed. It’s important that the company has a platform that is user-friendly, not cumbersome and adaptable to support their emergency response processes and procedures.

“As a software solution, D4H was flexible enough that we could easily implement the platform without the need for any changes in our procedures and processes”— Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7

Subsea 7 needed a software solution that would allow them to use their existing emergency response procedures. It was important that the new software would fit around their needs rather than impact or need to change how they respond to emergencies and incidents.



“D4H is intuitive and easy to use. The up-to-date technology platform has made a big difference in how we manage our emergency responses”
— Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7

D4H Incident Management provides real-time maps, forms, activity logs, and checklists which gives Subsea 7 a common operating picture for their emergency responses. This means that everyone involved in an incident and its management can be on this same page at all times. D4H allows Subsea 7 to work virtually, with operations in the North Sea, Canada, the Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, Africa, Brazil, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, they needed a global solution that would provide easy communication between all locations.

“For us, D4H was a breath of fresh air, they were refreshing to work with and had a can-do attitude. They developed the functionality that we needed and nothing was too much trouble”
— Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7


When Subsea 7 recently responded to a live an incident, their personnel used D4H to track the incident and manage their response. They had received training for D4H only during the previous week, however, they effectively and confidently used the software to its full extent. They adapted to D4H easily and found it to be simple and easy to use, while still having the ability to maximize the efficiency of their response and track everything that they needed.

“The incident was well coordinated and managed, with all content updates, images and relevant information correctly uploaded and linked up to the incident in D4H
—Elaine Rust, Global HSE Systems Manager, Subsea 7


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