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Stay organized & efficient with a shared address book for your response team's contacts

With a shared response team address book, you can easily keep track of all your external contacts in one centralized location. Whether you need to track details of suppliers, resources, or other external persons, a shared address book makes it simple to collect and manage their contact information. The address book integrates seamlessly with your team's workflow. You can quickly add contacts to your activities as resources, giving you instant access to their details whenever you need them; No more searching through scattered lists or losing track of important contacts.

Tech Specs


  • A shared address book for managing external contacts
  • Centralized location for keeping track of contact information

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared response team address book?

A shared response team address book is a centralized database that allows you to store and manage the contact details of suppliers, resources, and other external persons that your team works with.

How does the shared response team address book work?

The shared response team address book is designed to integrate seamlessly with your team’s workflow. You can add contacts to the address book and then easily access their details when you need to add them as a resource to an activity.