What Does BZ Mean?

Bravo Zulu when conveyed by flaghoist, morse code, or voice comms at the end of a mission means Well Done. It was introduced between allied forces in World War II.

This blog is a BZ to you.





Q2 2023: What's New on D4H

We've been busy at work this Q2, taking your feedback on board and making improvements to D4H. Here's a round-up of all of the features that we released in Q2 of 2023. We're incredibly excited about what lies ahead in the next quarter. With your ongoing support and trust, we will continue to innovate and provide you with the best solutions for emergency response.

D4H Operations Center

  • Map drawings in blue - Previously, when drawing an area on a map the default color displayed it in a hard to see light grey. Now we default to an easy to see bright blue!
  • Import menu moved to ‘More Options - Within the Admin Area the ‘Import’ option was located within different locations. We’ve standardized this everywhere now, so you’ll always find ‘Import’ under the ⋮ More Options menu.
  • Floating Save button - You no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the page to save!
  • Personnel are now sorted alphabetically - By default, personnel will be set from A-Z. This makes it a lot easier to find your users to update them.
  • Duplicate Task/Status board entries - Use the duplicate feature and say goodbye to manual copy paste. This one is a huge time saver!
  • Search by name on assignment - When you open a relationship field (for example, assigning a task to a role), you can now search for either the role name or the name of the person currently in the role
  • Change channel status order - It’s now possible to set a custom order on your channel statuses from the Admin area.
  • Reconfirmation for deletions - We’ve added additional steps to minimize accidental template deletions.
  • Lock part of a Form - Individual sections in a Form can be locked after signing
  • Download a list of Personnel - You can now export a list of all Personnel in your account from the Admin Area.

D4H Team Manager

  • Activity colors - Display colors for activities (Incidents, Exercises, Events ) are now standardized between our web applications and mobile apps
  • Sort draft activities - Clicking on the column heading will now sort the draft activities based on when they were created.
  • Improved flexibility in On-Call Planner - You can now create a variety of complex scenarios to mark members as On/Off call.
  • Setting activity default start and end times - You now have the option to set account default start and end times for your activities.
  • Upload attachments - Members with “Equipment Basic” access level can now upload attachments for equipment inspections and repairs.
  • Member attendance updates - You can now generate attendance hours of a member as a PDF. Plus members attendance status is now included in attendance reports.

Personnel & Training Mobile App Updates

Equipment Mobile App Updates

  • Scan equipment in/out on an Activity- You can now scan a QR code or NFC tag on an item of equipment to mark it used on an Activity!
  • Scan equipment inspections - We now display a scan equipment icon (QR/NFC) when you have completed an inspection of item so that you can scan the next item without having to go back.
  • Move Equipment with QR or NFC  - When you attempt to move an item we now show a scan equipment icon (QR/NFC)
  • Overwrite external NFC tags - If you have an NFC tag that was in use before, you can now overwrite it from our app. Simply scan it and confirm the on-screen message

Custom Reports Improvements

  • Group name is now shown in “Members” custom report as a new column
  • “Persons Involved” can now be extracted at Parent Organization level
  • “All Activities” custom report now contains activity approved date & timestamp
  • Total attendees’ hours is now shown for “All Activities/Events/Exercises/ Incidents” custom report.
  • “Inspection Results” contains Funding Source, Item Location and selections made in Equipment Settings (manufacturer/models, barcode etc)

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