¿Qué significa BZ?

Bravo Zulu, cuando se transmite por bandera, código morse o comunicaciones de voz al final de una misión, significa «Bien hecho». Fue introducido entre las fuerzas aliadas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

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Coastguard New Zealand Deploys D4H Incident Management Platform Nationally

Coastguard New Zealand has announced D4H Technologies as their new system for managing maritime incidents around the coasts of New Zealand.

D4H Technologies provides market-leading readiness and response solutions for public safety teams, industrial facilities, and corporates around the globe. Recording over 15 million response hours per year, D4H’s software solutions are deployed in more than 30 countries.

Coastguard New Zealand provides the primary maritime search and rescue service in New Zealand, bringing over 6,000 people home safely each year. Coastguard New Zealand operates two main Communication Centres that are supported by a network of unit-based operations. D4H’s cloud-based incident management platform will be used to help coordinate incident response and management by using the software’s Control Room functionality.

“We’re delighted to have reached this point, after first meeting many years ago at D4H Global Headquarters, it was certainly worth the wait. We’re looking forward to deploying D4H’s innovative solutions across our National Communications Centers and telling the world about how their team is saving lives in the South Pacific.”
— Callum Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, Coastguard New Zealand.
2019 03 Communications   Josie at Wave console (3)

Should a callout escalate to a multi-agency response, a control room incident can be scaled up to manage and track this appropriately. This opens up functionality within the software to facilitate complete situational awareness for all involved in the response. The real-time incident management software enables the coordination of effective responses by allowing Coastguard New Zealand to easily create a common operating picture and communicate objectives using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

When an incident has reached resolution, D4H Incident Reporting will generate incident reports with charts, visualizations, and statistics which Coastguard New Zealand will use for planning and prevention purposes.

“While it is the mission of Coastguard New Zealand to save lives at sea, it is our duty to innovate, to provide effective technologies to support their responses, and to help them to re-evaluate and adapt as they deploy.”
— Robin Blandford, Chief Executive, D4H Technologies.
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