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Bravo Zulu, cuando se transmite por bandera, código morse o comunicaciones de voz al final de una misión, significa «Bien hecho». Fue introducido entre las fuerzas aliadas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

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7 Steps for Better Response Team Qualification Management

On average, most responders have in excess of 25 qualifications. The volume of expiration dates and refresher courses creates a large data management burden if you are to do it correctly. Below is a list of items to consider if you are managing a team or even your own personal collection of qualifications. D4H Personnel & Training can automate and centralize these for you.

1. Track Dates and Set Up Alerts

It is not enough to just keep track of the expiration dates, it is also important to set up a system for alerting prior to expiration. This allows for a more proactive approach in giving you enough time to book or prepare for the recertification before the expiration date. Teams should try to put a solution like D4H Personnel & Training in place that will give alerts and give responders enough time to book or prepare for the recertification before the expiration date.

2. Track Documents That Can Expire

IDs, driver’s licenses, and even passports (if you deploy or travel with your team) should be tracked like any other qualification with a date and alerts for expiration.

3. Link Qualifications to Skills

It’s worth tracking the necessity of certain qualifications to perform a certain skill or rank. Often there are a number of qualifications that all need to be in place to perform a skill or rank and it is worthwhile grouping these and tracking as a unit.

4. Streamline the Collection

There should be an easy and central way to gather vast amounts of qualification data. Without a single portal for collection data will eliminate the need for disparate systems, email and spreadsheets being the systems of choice for most.

5. Centralize Monitoring Systems

Similarly, there must be a central go-to location to retrieve qualification information. Teams should aim to make referencing and finding qualification information easy. Without the required information at your fingertips, it is impossible to effectively manage your responders.

6. Include Relevant Outside Sourced Qualifications

For many teams, it has been difficult to track the important qualifications that team members gain in their own time, outside of the mandated qualifications of their response team. Such extra qualifications could prove very useful and could enhance the knowledge and skill set of the entire team. For this reason, it’s worth making sure that these additional qualifications are recorded so that they can be referenced and activated as needed.

7. Centrally Store Copies of Certifications

Having both online and offline access to the PDF or scanned copies of qualification certifications can prove important if responding out of county or with an outside agency.

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