¿Qué significa BZ?

Bravo Zulu, cuando se transmite por bandera, código morse o comunicaciones de voz al final de una misión, significa «Bien hecho». Fue introducido entre las fuerzas aliadas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Este blog es un BZ para ti.





Q3 2023: What's New on D4H

Can you believe it's September already? In July, August, and September we focused on a few very impactful features for you, let's dive in!

D4H Operations Center

  • D4H Operations Center API - a powerful tool that opens up a world of incident management possibilities for Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and Control Rooms.
  • Form Section Signature Fields - Lock a specific section of a form instead of locking the entire form.
  • Duplication of Tasks, Status Boards & Forms - Seamlessly duplicate an item with a few clicks.
  • Floating “Save” button - Now available on Settings pages as well to save you scrolling to the bottom every time.
  • Displaying date in Situation - Start and End fields of a situation shows “Today” if the situation is currently taking place in addition to the time.
  • Keyboard Shortcut - A new channel will be started when pressing “Enter” if a Play is selected.
  • Extension Packs - Extension packs allow you to download status boards and form templates in our .p4ck file format for others to install. Please reach out to help@d4h.com if you would like to be a beta tester.
  • Weather On A Map - Since moving our weather data provider over to tomorrow.io, we’re now very close to releasing our map layers for wind, rain radar, cloud cover, temperature, etc. which will become a part of a paid weather add-on.

D4H Team Manager

  • New Equipment In Your Inbox - Get notified by email when a team in your organization sends you new equipment.
  • Scan Equipment To Destination - Scan the barcode on both the item and its destination to send it.
  • Equipment Supply Quantity On Mobile App - Quantity levels are now shown on the individual item view on the Equipment App.
  • Qualify K9 & Handlers From Activity Attendance - Just like members, you can now qualify K9’s and their Handlers from the confirmed attendance list of an activity.
  • Organization Qualification Matrix - This qualification export, already available at team level is now available at Organization Level.
  • Last Status Change Date - Equipment exports now show the date and time of last ‘status’ change in a column.
  • D4H Team Manager API v3 - We’ve started transferring the inner workings of our platform on to our new v3 of our API. Faster and more performant, once fully functional we’ll release the public documentation as a replacement for v2.

Safety & Security

  • Certified ISO 27001:2022 - D4H was awarded ISO 27001:2022 certification for our Information Security Management System (ISMS). This is an ongoing undertaking by our security team with annual audits and recertification to demonstrates our maturity.
  • D4H Single-Sign-On - A single username & password for all your D4H products. Maybe known by you as ‘Unified Accounts’ we’ve received lots of feedback from our beta testers and the migration experience has now been considerably improved.

Note: Anyone can now migrate their account. In the coming months we’ll begin prompting users to do it during sign-in. Enterprise SSO accounts using SAML don’t need take any action at this time.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Once you have migrated to a new D4H Account, you’ll be able to switch on Two-Factor Authentication by Authenticator App or SMS.
  • Security Upgrades & Fixes - Now reviewed and monitored by our new Information Security Team (IST), we released countless small updates, patches, tests, and fixes to our software during the period. Like any quality system, this tireless work continues in the background continuously for your safety.

Help & Support

  • Customer Identifiers - Soon you’ll begin to see a customer identifier appear in your help menu (e.g. CI-1234). These unique identifiers connect your service to your service agreement and billing and help us determine your support plan.
  • Knowledge Base - Our knowledge base was referenced 12,261 times in Q3, up 15%. We continue to author and update help articles for you. Press the ? icon on your D4H navigation bar to access the articles embedded in the product experience.
  • Help Desk - In Q3, GP and his Help Desk team received a 94% ‘Great’ rating from you, down 2%. Poor ratings were received from users having difficulty signing-in. We expect the new Accounts Migration flow released today to improve this experience.

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  • What’s New - Subscribe your email address on updates.d4h.com for instant notification when we release a new feature.
  • System Status - Subscribe your email address on status.d4h.com for scheduled maintenance and outage updates.

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