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Bravo Zulu, cuando se transmite por bandera, código morse o comunicaciones de voz al final de una misión, significa «Bien hecho». Fue introducido entre las fuerzas aliadas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

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How You Can Use D4H as a Virtual EOC During COVID-19

Many EOCs are operating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this presents new challenges, D4H Incident Management can help your organization overcome these challenges and ensure a well-coordinated response without the need for EOC staff to be physically gathered.

D4H Incident Management enables you to create one centralized location to track your entire response in real-time. The cloud-based software is remotely accessible on any device, from any location. This enables you to ensure the health and safety of your staff without compromising your ability to communicate and collaborate.

The software is highly configurable and can be adapted to your organization’s needs. Whether you’re tracking your city or county’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic or you’ve opened up your EOC to track an extreme weather event, you can quickly and easily create a virtual common operating picture, communicate objectives, and collaborate on a resolution using forms, tasks, logs, maps, and status boards.

Virtually Manage COVID-19 Resources

A big part of Lincoln County EMA’s COVID-19 response is managing resource requests and ensuring local first responder agencies have the PPE they need. Local towns can input their PPE requirements into a simple resource request form in D4H Incident Management and the EOC can mark the status of every request so that all parties are well informed and on the same page at all times. This has saved countless calls and emails.

The EOC’s quarantine status board displays how many first responders or critical government staff are being quarantined at any given time. This provides all of the information required to effectively plan out their capabilities and make appropriate mutual aid or resource requests as needed.

A custom expenditures status board enables staff to upload a copy of invoices and receipts, which they can then sort by town or department. This information is then used to obtain reimbursement from the federal disaster that was declared. Read more…

“D4H Incident Management is like a dream for an Emergency Manager, I don’t know how we’d operate without it.”
— Casey Stevens, Director, Lincoln County EMA.
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Track COVID-19 Updates as They Happen

D4H Incident Management provides an overall single source of truth for Knoxville-Knox County EMA’s COVID-19 response. They use status boards to track all COVID-19 cases in their county as well as the state of Tennessee. They keep an update log to track all new information as it comes in and they use the software to track which county facilities are open, closed, or operating on limited service.

They also use the incident management platform to track resource requests for PPE and other logistical items by the police and other departments within the county. The software is cloud-based which means that staff can access this information from anywhere, on any device, enabling them to maintain safe social distancing while carrying out their duties. Read more…


Remotely Coordinate Extreme Weather Event Responses

Horry County Fire Rescue are no stranger to severe weather events such as hurricanes and tornados. A major part of coordinating their disaster responses is having a well-managed Incident Action Plan. Digitizing these forms with D4H Incident Management enables them to collaboratively fill them out while in the field, in real-time. The information is automatically synced and shared into the Common Operating Picture for all senior responders to see, regardless of their location.

All this information is digitally stored in the cloud, where it can be accessed anywhere, on any device, resulting in less time spent reporting, transcribing, collecting, and collating information during and after the incident. Read more…

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